Is Page Safe the best way to make a members only page

Someone wants a members area page - I have JW Page safe , but is there anything on the market at the moment?

Many folks use Sitelok. You can just insert relevant code on specific pages, or insert via Joe@ W’s sitelok stack. Either way you need to purchase Sitelok itself. $40 for first domain, 50% discount after that.

If you simply want to restrict access to a page to anyone with the correct password then PageSafe is perfect for that BUT if you want to have members who have to sign up and then log in with their unique id (eg email add and pw) then you need as @mitchellm says SiteLok.

Thx chaps, for the info.

Both PageSafe and Sitelok are great products, but 90% of the time they really serve different purposes.

I use Sitelok all the time because I create course websites. Login access is critical and also critical that each person have their own access info. What’s nice about Sitelok is users can choose to “auto login” in the future. As long as they return within 3 weeks, the website will just be transparent to them (i.e. no need to login).

There’s a lot more you can do with Sitelok than PageSafe. But if you have PageSafe already, and if it fits your real needs, then it should be fine.


If you do go with Sitelok, rest assured that Adrian, the owner, is very familiar with Rapidweaver (he built his site with it) and is very responsive to customers. The product can be a bit overwhelming because it is so versatile- but in reality it is very, very easy to implement. Nonetheless, if you get stuck, reach out to him- he’ll get back to you. And, no, I don’t know him personally- but I’m a very long-time happy customer who buys several add-on licenses every year.

Look at this:
it is from Will

UPD: sorry, not very useful for your purpose

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All sorted now thank you all for your input.