Is there a better way than Offsite pages?

I have just created a specialist book shop via the ethical, tax-paying and amazon- alternative Its ‘embedded’ in my site via a conventional RW offsite page, but is there a better way?

Doing it this way loses my site style, my menus, contact details and all the other stuff that make a website special. I remember using iFrames etc back in the day, but despite several attempts, I’m not managing to make an iFrame work using Source’s Coder Stack.

Better suggestions?

PS This was the code used:

Some sites dictate whether or not they can be shown in an iframe. That one doesn’t allow it.

Unfortunately, using an Offsite page effectively just links to a new URL that has nothing to do with the one, i.e. yours, that it was linked from.

The best approach may be to add some text that explains that you have a shop page on “the ethical, tax-paying and amazon- alternative” and that by clicking the button below you can enter the shop, and then open this link in a new page.

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Thanks Gary and @habitualshaker I wasn’t aware that some pages actively prevented being ‘iFramed’ and thought I was making a mistake.

Gary, you make a great deal of sense - although I get a tiny referral for any books purchased, it is more about the time and thought that has gone into selecting interesting and relevant books. Currently there is such a tiny linkage with my site: linked pictures and a decent explanation are the way forwards, as you suggest

The way I’m going with this is to build my own resources sections with links through to buy from Bookshop. If you’re already writing reviews on Bookshop, you might as well have them on your website, so that visitors remain on your site right up to the point of purchase.

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I think great minds work alike…having put together a base page last night, the aim during quiet time was to do exactly this. On my individual trip pages, I have already included a couple of relevant books and it is quick enough to do.