Is there a Stack for Reviews or Ratings?

I have Testimonials stack from @1littledesigner and Ratings from @doobox, but I’m looking for a stack that actually let the visitor leave the review on the page, and after I reviewed it is can be posted on the page. I wonder if a stack like that does exist? Furthermore, I was searching online, and I found this, but I bet we can do something like it with Rapidweaver. I rather paid for a Stack than for an external service.

Stacks 4 Stacks has a Comments one that might do the trick (but I can’t access the S4S site right now to confirm).

I found it, it needs to be used in combination with the comment stack and I got to tell you, it is scary. It seems I need to do a lot of coding and settings that I’m not used to.

I’m sure there would be a market for something like what Davide has created in his Cleo project. It’s a commenting system built using TCMS. A person can leave a comment, but it won’t show up until/unless the owner of the site allows it to. Notifications are sent to the owner and the submitter automatically. You can see it in action here.

That is very close. I wonder if you can achieve that with his project.

The answer is yes, I have it working perfectly in a personal site. (Sorry for the deleted post, I was trying to quote your post using my phone)

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PHPJabbers have a comment script which does what you’ve mentioned.

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S4S’ CommentStack doesn’t require coding, It only requires you to set the page to PHP and add the php-initialisation string to the page prefix. That’s a simple copy/paste action.

Other than that, it works like any other stack.

CommentStack doesn’t allow you to review posts before hand though; you’d need to delete them after the fact.

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And, therein lies the problem. Granted, I did not tie it into Facebook, which is possible. I’m guessing that would drastically cut back on the spam, but I didn’t want to go the Fb route. The stack itself works very well. But, I was spending way too much time going into the database file (really just a text file) and deleting the spam.

I do, however, have it installed in a couple of sites that are behind a firewall; one in a blog where people can leave comments on each individual blog post. Because I don’t have to worry about spam, it works flawlessly. (another nice developer provided me the code I needed so that the CommentsStack generates a new text file for each blog post).

I’d be interested in the code that writes a new file fro each blog post :)

I don’t think CommentsStack has FB integration though (unless I’ve completely missed it in the documentation).

Apologies, I might have the CommentsStack confused with a different stack. It’s been a couple of years since I needed this type of solution for a client. I remember buying a couple different solutions/ neither did what the client required (held all spam at bay). But, I definitely have the CommentsStack deployed on two sites behind a firewall; both are collecting comments on specific blog posts; both are working beautifully. Screenshot of the code is below.


And, here is a screenshot of what the comments look like. They are all at the root level of the page that the CommentStack is on (not the root level of the site); so after a while, you may have a LOT of tiny files. One file each for the star ratings / comments. I’m not using the stars, but it still generates a file.


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Yabdab had something called Backsnap. I do not see it on their website any more.

It seems Formsnap is the successor. People can fill a form and select even a rating, but how to show it on the page is not there, maybe using a slide stack in combination with a blog stack like armadillo will do the trick. IDK

You might want to take a look at my Rate-It stack - allows users to rate things: Rate-It


Do you think I can use your stack on every comment? Or it’s similar to @doobox rating stack?

You should be able to place as many on a page as necessary. Try out the demo & find out :)


Yep, used this for a client site until a few days ago. Extremely nice stack, but unfortunately not compatible with PHP8 or 8.1 (blank page after switching from PHP7.4 to these versions). So I had to deactivate that page… :-/

@Heiko described it here in the: Realmac archive

And here’s a TotalCMS use case in the weaver’s space archives

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Thanks @dave and @Konfuzzious!

I’m gonna give that a try!