Is there a stack for showing a database online?

I want to show the Data collected on the database. I create a website that people add their email for the client and go to a database on server. Is there a way to show that data to the client using a stack? I will have that page password protected. I just need that the client just go to whatever dot com slash data and download the data from there.



You could have a look if my Datably stack does what you need:


Hi @albertkinng

Thanks for the heads up @Jannis

Yes, Dynamic Content can set up password-protected pages that will display database content for only that user. I’m not sure what kind of data you are wanting a client to download - but we can certainly talk about it in more detail - just send me an email through my site.



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If you only want to show a database, Grid Iron 3 from Chilidog can do that. That is a very convenient way to display data from a database as a table. It can display google sheets also, and other CSV files for that matter. I only mention this if you do not need the full-fledged functionality of Datably or Stack-Its stacks, which both are superb with incredible support from both developers.

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The client just want to get the emails registered so he can download the file to use whatever the service he got to send his campaign. Maybe that will work.

These stack sounds perfect for my needs. Do you think it will require a lot of coding or knowledge to make it work, or will it be like any other stack? Oh Never mind, it says the stack is for one domain only… I won’t buy a stack to never use it again, that’s insane! Sitelok is way better.

I can say about Datably that it works pretty darn good. For security purposes one can put the pages behind Sitelok or Joe’s Pagesafe.


Sounds good. I will be checking that out.

Yes, I agree that Datably is really working very nicely. With it you have full access to your database, can create records, edit them and delete them. You can “tear” off information from your database and put it outside of Datably in other developers’ stacks, which is really amazing. And you can use it on as many sites as you want, with no restrictions in that regard. For your stated purpose, you only need the data to be shown and to be downloaded, for that Grid Iron 3 is a very easy and simple solution, the data can be downloaded as pdf, CSV or excel.
Regarding password protecting your page, I think, as a native RapidWeaver Stacks solution, that UserAccess by inStacks is the best and most versatile solution and it is under constant development.


I am working with Dynamic Content but currently use AirTable at airtable-dot-com to design my portfolio database and then use their embeding code to view it on my site [HTML stack]. AirTable gives you options for how it will appear on your site. I don’t know the cost because my database is so small it’s free for me. Check how it works on my site that uses Foundation 6: Bailin Studio Database