Is this what I think it is? (Thunderbolt ext. ssd)

So much terminology is used now, too many different names for the same thing! So, those of you who are cleverer than me (anyone not?)…

Will this connect to an iMac via Thunderbolt doodah and be faster than a really fast thing on speed?

I only ask as it seems cheap. Last time I looked for an external SSD setup, just a Thunderbolt enclosure was silly money.)

USB-C will work in thunderbolt but thunderbolt may not work In USB-C

So in the case of that drive (usb-c), yes, it should work.

Ik, wtf?

More info here

Thanks Scott, it was really the speeds I was not sure about, and I have now read up and discovered that within reason, USB-C doesn’t impact the speed, per se. USB-C is the connector, the speed dependent on what is being connected. in the case of that drive, it’ll connect to the Thunderbolt port, but it isn’t Thunderbolt, in terms of speed.

How about this one!! 1GB Seagate…awesome price!!

If speed is what you are after then you want this: