Issue with Checkout stack


I’m having an issue with the checkout stack. I’m testing the stack with a 2 dollars fee with the live keys. Unfortunatelluy when I clik on the pay now button the page reloads and a red message appears on top of the stack saying THE STRIPE TOKEN WAS NOT GENERATED CORRECTLY.

What is causing this? The stripe account associated seems to work just fine.


Does it work with the test keys?

I can’t recall if it was Checkout or something else (rapid cart pro, maybe) but when I copy/pasted the Stripe keys, there was an inadvertent extra space at the end which carried over. A wild shot in the dark but just double check that your kieys are exactly right.

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Also found this on google from the other forum:
The posts don’t show the exact resolution (other than an update to the stack) but it is labelled as fixed. So, also double check your version - I’ve had the odd Yuzool stack that doesn’t show up in the Stacks updater and I have to download it manually.

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There are no funny spaces in stripe’s live keys, I’m using version 1.0.6 which seems to be the latest one and still having the same issue.
I also have the stripe stack which works fine with the same data… the problem must be the checkout stack.

Thanks @jabostick

Yes @Davide 1.0.6 is the latest

Usually this issue is by either:

  • missing spaces
  • funny currency. e.g. eur instead of EUR
  • funny amount $5.99 instead of 5.99

Can you provide a little more information on what you have input in the Stack, a link to the page etc?


I don’t use Checkout, prefer Cart2, but assuming it works the same way, and the settings are similar, check you haven’t used a currency symbol (£, $, etc.) in settings and also check that you’ve applied a SKU to your items. My understanding is that Stripe requires SKU codes to process the transaction.

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Hello, Thank you all for the support. Unfortunately, it’s still not working… those are my settings, I just double checked there are no spaces or symbols…

I’ve just done a test in RW8 and it is working:

So I’m guessing it’s an input.

As per the manual, the Stripe amount is in cents. So for one dollar you must enter “100”
Try that under the Stripe amount.

Also - could you switch it to the test keys so you don’t need to spend any money. If it works in the test then it will work in the live site :)

I still can’t make the checkout stack to work, there is no problem if it’s a recurring payment but when it’s a fixed amount I keep having the same issue:

I have the stack, if you isolate the stack in your project right down to the component parts, zip it up and send it to me, I’ll be happy to have a look and see if I can work anything out for you.

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I’m looking for help is this PSD2 compliant? Thanks

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To continue this… The OP sent me the project and I published it to my dev server, tested with Stripe dummy card details, working fine. I also tested the OP’s install on their own server, and indeed I’m also getting the “Token Not Generated” error.

So assume this is a server issue?

My test install that is working for me:

Stripe dummy card details.

4242 4242 4242 4242

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Steve can you help me, I have a post entitled “Urgent help - card payments” I asked here about PSD2 compliance as I have to look at changing Cartloom which I have used for years as Stripe and PayPal are not at present with Cartloom (they have told me this) and they may have Stripe by deadline but can’t guarantee as they are awaiting Stripe’s API update.
Does this stack have any merchants who are conforming? THANKS Paul

I did see that thread, but have no answers, so can’t help.

To be honest, I don’t really underastand what you’re question is!

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THANKS! If you read original post it explains fully but to summarise. No merchant bank/banks will be allowed to process card payments (Credit/Debit) from September 2019 for transactions within EU only under new EU rules unless they are PSD2 compliant. I use PayPal for my card payments and Cartloom will not be complaint for PP. They are hoping to have Stripe compliance but Stripe have not done API so they are racing against time. Therefore I will not be able to sell anything in EU after the September date as the card payments will be declined. I am therefore looking for another solution within RW as I also take PayPal payment (non card) at present too so need dual solution as I have now. THANKS for your time appreciated, have a good weekend! Paul

Another user might be having a similar issue to you @Davide so have made an update so hopefully this helps your install:

Thanks for helping to test @steveb!

Good question @PaulM!

For others here is the reference:

Checkout Stack as it stands now (with the new release of 1.0.7 today):
PayPal - yes
Stripe - no

That said, I’m planning to make some updates to allow Stripe PSD2 to work. That might require a Stack re-write or redesign. I’m not sure yet but it’s on the radar and hope to have something ready for the roll-out.

I’m sorry, but I still don’t see a question (I had read the initial thread too).

Are you asking for suggestions for payment gateways that are presently offering PSD2?

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Steve Yes.

Michael is this PayPal Pro account for Cards and PayPal or just PayPal? Thanks for your prompt response. Paul