Issue with Openstreetmap and Lander Pro

Hello, the same stack (working well) pasted inside a LanderPro theme project do not show the pins and also mistake the position.

Link please.

It is not online, i’m working on this. If you want I can send you the project.

No, I wan to see it online, because most probably it’s not a OSM3 issue, but one from the theme, as it’s displaying correctly in any other theme I tested.

I’m having the same issue whereby OSM3 doesn’t load properly/incorrectly formats the pin and text. Mine does this when placed inside of 1LD’s simple tabs stack in any tab other than the first. 1LD has been very helpful in sending me custom versions of the tab stack in an attempt to rectify this (A huge thanks to 1LD for doing this) however I think it’s something the developers of OSM3 need to look into. I’d say its a safe assumption that OSM3 will be used in conjunction with other stacks and this thread suggests OSM3 doesn’t always work correctly in certain scenarios.

Sir, as explained by email, that’s because the map is loaded with JavaScript, and the second tab is also displaying the content via JavaScript. As I don’t get a trigger from the tab when opened, I am not able to do something here.

Put it into a page hidden from the navigation. If you don’t want to make this public, send me a dm.