Issue with Zeppo p.3 and

Hi Marten, I got your email, however I had to hack the Zeppo p.3 module by taking out stacks in order to get around the issue on this page: >
If you open the Zeppo demo project for that stack and in preview resize the page you will find that the two boxes on the right will grow larger than the ones on the left. Perhaps you could take a look and figure out what needs to be fixed, and then send an email to everyone who purchased Zeppo for a corrected DL.

In your email to me about the (I think it’s Harpo p.1) Blueprint Overlap issue (same website page) where on mobile there is no photo, I followed your instructions to set the Overlap to 0, and Medium and Large to 350. What was confusing to me was understanding that the single “Overlap” was actually for mobile, since Isaiah didn’t label it as such. I was looking for how to control the mobile bit, so thank you for the clarification.

My last issue is with the coral-colored Samadhi word getting cut off on iPad portrait (at least in RW Preview, I’m still on RW 7). Using the online Responsive Testing online site, the sizes that have issues are 240 x 320 and768 x 1024. It really is tricky to cover all those mobile bases! Do you have a suggestion?

Oh BTW, I seem to remember purchasing a bunch of your “Things”, but in an overhaul a while back I moved stuff I wasn’t using regularly and can’t find them now. I’d like to acquire some of your stacks, but I think I already bought them? Could you check for me and let me know, thanks.

No problem. I’ll take a look at both of these issues for you in the morning.