I have created a page (in Source) to be used as a resource (early days), but unfortunately the JS calculator I have embedded (coder stack) is being blocked by all my test browsers. Is there any way to avert this issue please?

This is the warning from Page source view on Safari, but it will not show in Opera, Duck Duck go or Firefox:

[blocked] The page at Macro Photography and Resorces from Wild Photographer was not allowed to run insecure content from

Thanks for any thoughts!

Can you either find a https version of the link or download the macro.min.js library and host it locally on your own site?

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Is this not mainly because it is using HTTP instead of https?

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Thanks Kent and Paul,
Appreciate your thoughts. I have tried as suggested, but now given up and contacted the developers.
VB, Nick

I would just add letter ‘s’ at the end of ‘http’ (in your settings, where you input this URL) and see what happens next.


Thanks! Great minds….I tried it as the first thing, but sadly it did not solve the issue.

Ok, my apologies to all - the answer was indeed ‘https’ - strangely I tried this yesterday, before posting here, but clearly I mis-pasted or mistyped something in the embed code. The page now works.

This was the link:

For anyone inclined to photography, PhotoPills have a number of very useful calculators on their site for Moon position, visibility of the Milky Way and Depth of field.