Joe Workman Email Stacks rendering error

Hi there, for some reason, this morning when I tried to create an email with the stacks, the ‘inline email’ won’t render. I’ve attached a screen shot. This is happening for all of the emails I have previously sent successfully.

Everything is on the latest version.

Is it something simple or silly that I’m missing?

Just checked my own “newsletter” project, and inliner is working fine. I’m on Mojave, RW 8.3, latest version of Email.

What OS and RW version are you on?

If you want to share your project I’ll be happy to open it and see if the problem persists for me.

Cheers Steve - I’m still on Sierra.

I can make the same email in RW7 - interesting.

If you wouldn’t mind

Rendering perfectly for me…

Want the inlined code?

Cheers for the help mate, I’ve got it to work in RW7, so will just wait for @joeworkman to reply to the support request.

Thanks again.

@zeebe ?

Rapidweaver Version 8.4.1 (20817) and Catalina 10.15.1 and Email v1.1.9 and the Inliner is working perfectly for me.

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Is the minimum requirement for either RW, Stacks or the Email Stacks now High Sierra?

According to the Realmac site:
RapidWeaver 8 Requires Mac OS X 10.12 or newer. Compatible with macOS Catalina .

10.12 is Sierra not High sierra?

Stacks 4:
Requires RapidWeaver 7 (or newer) and macOS 10.11 (or newer).

No update to Joe’s Email stack that requires High Sierra or better as far as I’m aware.

Sorry, I missed your download link, yes that Email project works fine with the inliner.

I think the question here is whether Email Inline works with Sierra or not? Not if it works with later OS’s.

I have three machines that I use regular, two on HS the other Mojave, Inliner working fine on all. I’ve nothing left on Sierra so can’t check that.

I’d suggest though, given the age of Sierra now, it’s very likely you will hit issues with it, so not really sure it’s as simple as punting this one back to the dev: At some point, devs have to stop putting time into making their stuff work on old OS’s, especially one that is something like 3/4 systems old.

Coming at this from a different angle… Is there a reason you are still at Sierra, not at least High Sierra?

I use Apple Logic Pro with quite a few plug ins, so avoid the latest updates always if my system is stable. They seem to upgrade so quickly, it’s easy to get left behind if nothing is broken. I had considered upgrading to HS, but this is the only issue (and I’m not even sure it’s definitely down to Sierra). Hopefully @joeworkman or @zeebe can pitch in.

I’m all for being one update behind: Let the fanboys/mugs do the final beta testing ;-)

But being on a 4 generation out of date operating system is asking for trouble. Maybe JW can come up with a fix for you (assuming that is the issue), but i wouldn’t hold your breath, I’d say even an attentive dev like Joe has to draw the line on supporting old OS’s at some point. And, given that Email hasn’t had an update for yonks, you might find the issue is elsewhere anyway.

@zeebe doesn’t do support for Joe now, I think the new guy is @paul.russam, I think, not 100% on that. But Paul knows his stuff and Joes stacks too, and was a beta tester for Email, so might be able to shed some light.

FWIW my advice is to upgrade to at least HS.

You’re probably right, but all other elements support Sierra, so I don’t think that’s unreasonable to expect it’s supported without a clear notice that isn’t the case.

W shall see, but thanks for your time guys.

FYI @paul.russam does NOT work for joe. He IS very knowledgeable

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Ya sorry, I didn’t mean to say he works for him, i know Paul, no one would employ him ;-)

I meant he is able to offer support on Joe stuff as he’s very familiar with it.

I’m a little conflicted on if I should kick or thank @steveb, I’ll settle for kick :)
I’m not working for Joe, far too much 3D work on for that, though I try to help out when I can.

@Bazza Older versions of any OS have older versions of PHP and JS etc built into them, Sierra has PHP 5.6.
As PHP is probably being used to generate (I’m guessing here) the inline code then it’s possibly that that’s causing the problems.
A lot of stacks now require that a server is running 7.x for them to work properly, there’s no reason why the same requirements wouldnt be needed for the desktop previewing.


Cheers for pitching in Paul. I’ve been usin email stacks for over a year and I can’t think of any recent updates?

No worries, I just didn’t want people to think he was employable. I’m sending everyone who ask anything remotely RW oriented his way 😜. The issue is that he is actually employed (not by Joe) and that’s kinda sad for those that could use his expertise for free.

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Sorry for the delay. Sierra ships with PHP 5.6. The last update to the Email stacks updated some of the Inliner libraries so that it would work under Catalina, which has PHP 7.3.

If you email into support, I can get you an older version that works on Sierra. Sadly that means that you are stuck at this version. If you update the Email stacks, then they will have the same issue on your machine.

High Sierra has PHP 7.1. So if you were able to update to High Sierra, then you would not have any issues. Any stack that I release from now on will require PHP7.

Also, I am a one man shop again. It’s been that was for a little over a year now. I am the head developer and also the janitor. I have been heavily focused on Foundation 6 at the moment. So I am a bit behind on email. Sorry if you are in that queue. I just got a big update out today though. So I will be playing catchup the rest of the week.