Joe Workmans Print Stack

Hej Stuart, I got Joe Workmans Print Stack, and want to use it in Source project I have made some time ago. I added the stack and it is not working. I think some basic code is missing in Source for this to work. I tried to ad the Jquery enabler stack, but it did not help. Do you have any ideas why this can be?

Just so that you know, I want an area where something can be typed and then printed, and Joes stack are able to do this through a mail form and his Pi stack. If you know of another solution, that would come in handy also.

Kind Regards


PS I tried it in another framework and it worked there, I tried it also in a Theme and it worked also there. There are some themes that seem to have problems also, though.

I don’t know anything about that stack or how it works. Sorry. Are there any errors or anything shown?

You might be best asking Joe. If any tweaks are needed for Source then I can make them.

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Hej Stuart Thank you :-) Ok will do that.