Joe's SEO Helper stack

Just wondering if anyone has experience with Joe’s SEO Helper stack.

Have you seen it improve your SEO scores?

And how does it work with Total CMS (on the admin side)? Do I have to create a text input field for every single meta tag? (that seems like it would be quite time-consuming)


yes to the first question and yes to the second .
It doesn’t improve your scores on its own though , you still have to put in the time.
I spent several weeks tweaking and adding and changing titles and descriptions, SEO Helper did help ! But it doesn’t do it for you.
I had quite good portions already for regional searches and Helper did improve them - but also I put in the work.
I find SEO Helper gives you a structure to work to , this alone will improve the seo rankings. Its harder to ignore blanks in SEO H than it is when you’re doing it yourself. :)