Joes Video Wall & Vimeo Folders

I know you can add a playlist to Video Wall, and a users videos, but anyone know if you can add only the Vimeo videos in a specified folder?

I believe this is possible. I’m not using Video Wall right now and so can’t double check. But in Vimeo you can create “showcases”. I think Joe’s stack allows you to specify a specific showcase.

Ha ha! Thanks for that, found it, it’s called Channels now. You create your own, add whatever videos you want and just select it in VW.



Hey @steveb,

Did you ever get this working with ‘Showcases’? You can only have 1 channel on free Vimeo but 3 ‘showcases’, so I’m thinking Albums are now showcases as they can have a name, but for me @joeworkman 's stack is not reading them?

I’d upgrade to ‘plus’ but not if the stack can’t read them anyhow.


I think I did, although I didn’t use it in the end. From memory you have to create a channel and tell Videowall to read it.

ok cheers. I’ll have a think.

Why not just ask Joe directly?

It seems the stack has not been updated for awhile. It might just need a change to sync with any Vimeo changes. Just guessing here as I have not used the stack for a long time

I have put the question on Weaver’s space community but the client was asking this morning (in the UK) and I don’t know how often Joe is active on there. I searched this forum and found this so thought I’d ask Steve.

I’ve told the client he may need to pay for a Plus account but we’ll see.

Joe “should” be very active there. Always has been in the past. Of course with all the COVID-19 issues that may be impacting him a bit in terms of support.

I have Video Wall but have in my “archived stacks” as I don’t use it. But I can try later today (I’m in San Francisco). Could you give me the details of what you are trying to achieve? I have a Plus account, so I don’t always know the differences between free and plus. But I should be able to test for you in 6 to 8 hours.

Hi Mitch,
Only if it’s no bother. All I want to be able to do is automatically feed videos from different ‘Showcases’ (what used to be albums) to pages with video wall. So one instance of VW per page showing one showcase feed per instance. It’s a doddle on YouTube as you can make it feed from playlists but we need the ability to set passwords on the feeds, which you can only do with Vimeo showcases.

I’ve told the client he’ll have to wait until we hear from the dev so don’t worry if it’s a pain.


Ugh. I’ve just tried VideoWall and when I press the plus button the only option I see is for HTML5 video. I no longer see the YouTube or Vimeo options. Don’t know what’s wrong as I’ve just downloaded a fresh version from Joe’s site.

Ah, should say, I have a plus account, so the option you need might not be in the free version.

Okay, won’t be able to help you out as it seems the VideoWall stack no longer offers me the option to use YouTube and Vimeo. Very weird. To be fair I have not used the stack in 4+ years. But I did a fresh full install. Not sure what the problem is, but don’t have time to sort out an issue on a stack I don’t use. I wish I could have been more help.

I also don’t know how VimeoWall will work with passwords. Some of these kinds of stacks have problems when it’s not the simple feed (1 video or a playlist). I hope it works for you.

… another alternative: Vimeo provides a very nice embed code for showcases (maybe albums, playlists also). It works perfectly fine. One or two sentences of instruction/warning is all a user needs. Just put into an HTML stack or markdown stack and you are good to go. Does not look the same as Joe’s stack but is very functional.

I’m attaching 2 screenshots of how it looks: when first landing, when choosing a specific video. Hope this helps.


Interesting… I tried the embed code this morning and it didn’t work for me at all. Now that I’ve seen this I will go away and try again. Harder this time!

Thanks Mitch

Edit: This embedding requires a Plus account. I’ll tell the client he’s going to have to upgrade. It’s cheap as chips so he should really.

Ah, I did not know it needed Plus. Sorry about that. But Plus offers a lot of benefits: private links and on and on. I hate subscriptions but this is one subscription I use without any remorse at all. (I teach in higher education so some of the Plus features are absolutely essential to me.)

I hope it goes well moving forward!

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