Jquery problem after changing a page

Hi all,

need urgent help.

After changing and republishing this page


I get this error - and the page is not loading correctly.
How can I fix this?

Thanks a lot in advance,

The page appears to load for me. The only errors i get are two 404’s, which appear to be because the self-hosted fonts you are using can’t be found. Looks like it’s perhaps because you have a space in the file name?

Thanks for checking
it doesn’t load correctly for me in safari
– Kalendar (stack) is not working
– Import of csv is not working - empty space in green area
see screenshots

It loads the same for me in Safari and Chrome, but as i say, it’s hard to know if it’s loading correctly, as i don’t know what the page is meant to look like. Again, only two errors though, relating to fonts.

Thanks Steve

problem solved - shut RW down, restarted MacbookAir M1, republished page, uploaded via ftp and now everything is fine - (will have to address the fonts problem still though)
man oh man - so looking forward to Stacks 5


Ah yes, I can see now what was broken in the first version I looked at. Sorry, it was hard to tell what was broken. Too early! Glad it’s sorted.

And good to see Kalendar is still working. I was under the impression it ceased working yonks ago.

Yep, hard to say without the “original”.
Kalendar is working quite well - but had support questions/change requests (weekdays are not in german) but developer seems MIA … never got an answer … keep fingers crossed that it will work longer.
There is a need for a nice calendar stack which can be fed by Google cal.

The issue is with these things, it’s a support pit for devs as people like Google are constantly changing the rules. So one day the stack works, the next it doesn’t. And the dev then has to dig down for days to fix it. It’s why most don’t get involved with anything requiring a feed from social platforms and Google etc.