Jumping stacks / screen when editing stacks

I do understand that when working with about 10 different stacks on a page, that it’s asking a lot that they all play well together. In fact I’m surprised there’s not a lot more problems.
On busier pages when I type in or adjust a stack and enter , the screen jumps up about 2 or 3 stacks visually.
This means that after every single click I have to scroll back down to the stack I’m working on.
Its a little thing I know but after 5-6 hours of work , its kinda tough !
Does anyone else have this ? is there a work around other that hiding the stacks above what im working on - less scrolling back down the page .
Im sure its clashing stacks that cause this, I can’t list every stack as there’s so many combinations.

It’s normally a sign of some “bad” code somewhere. I work a lot with scripts, and often when I drop the script on the page, using the HTML stack, I get this, as RW doesn’t seem to like script snippets much.

If you’ve only stacks on the page, I’d suggest that one of them has a bit of errant code and is causing it to happen.

Simply save you’re project, then start removing the stack one at a time, clicking preview after you’ve removed each. Did the problem continue? Go back to edit and click “undo” to put back the stack you just removed, then move to the next stack and repeat. DO NOT SAVE the project during this process!

Soon or later you will find the stack causing the issue. Then it’s time to find a workaround.

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Could you provide more info, e.g. which stacks are on the page when you see this behaviour?

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This article from YourHead might help.

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thank you for this - thats how I’ve have solved probs before split into two and on and on .
Wasn’t sure whether it was a problem or just because its how it worked when using a lot of stacks.
The search will begin :)

Thanks for your reply , im breaking it down into small sections to see which bit is causing problems

There are two things I know about that sometimes create this behavior:

  1. When there is a form on the page.
  2. When using custom fonts in certain Big White Duck stacks, and you have the Show Font in Edit Mode enabled in more than a few instances.


Hi Marten , yes forms are used so I’ll test without them tomorrow. I’ve heard that the font issue in edit causes probs . I will double check it is off, it should be but it is an easy oversight