Just bought Platform (beginner Weaver), please advise best ways to learn

I just bought juergenbarth’s Platform framework.
I’m pretty much a beginner at web design - I don’t know any HTML or CSS and don’t have a strong urge to learn them. But reading all posts from people about Platform, it seems like a good thing to have, and the price was good.
I’d ideally like to have a decent looking site running by mid August so I’m wondering if anyone can point me in any directions to help me with learning how to use Platform. I’m going to work my way through the videos that are available.

Have you got a general design decided upon, or an existing website you like the look of and want to copy?

There are two websites that I like though they are quite different (I’m a drum teacher).
I’m leaning more towards this one (I don’t think Platform has a sliding banner though I think one is in development),
Is there another sliding banner stack you might recommend in the meantime?

I like this one too but when I tried to use the parallax stack in Platform my Macbook Pro seemed to have difficulty keeping up so using it was a bit slow. Also, I currently have quite an old mobile phone - iPhone 4s - and I noticed that this site was pretty non-existent when viewed on my old phone. I guess I’d like to keep things so as many devices can see the information as possible. I really like the parallax effect but I’m not sure if it would exclude some viewers… anyway here’s the other site I’m referring to:

Slider? Come to that one later.

My approach to any site once I have a notion of the design and layout is to first add the style sheet, so in Platform that’s the stack called “Platform”. Then add your navigation stack. Next I add a few spacer stacks, to give the page some depth (I use Stacks4stacks Spacer: 2x set to 1000px depth each), then I add a footer area stack.

In between the spacers, nav and footer I’ll add a few container stacks set to the various different style options; primary, info, success, etc.

Once you have some basic stacks on the page sort out your styles in the Platform stack, pick you’re colours etc. Next add a Font stack and select your fonts. Now setup your nav bar as you want it.

Once those three are sorted turn them all into a partial, call it “Header” or summit similar. This will be added to all pages.

Now the footer. Setup the footer area as you want and turn that into a partial. Also to be added to all pages.

Now it’s just a case of adding the content.

I’m at my main machine for the next few days getting some site finished, so RW will be open constantly. If you want some hand holding I’m happy to help where I can, I can help get you started with some demo projects etc. But do try to solve problems yourself before asking, as things learnt the hard way always stick better than if you’re handed solutions on a plate. But, I’m happy to help where I can.

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I’ve just bought it to , its interesting. At times its “very interesting”!
I think you will need to read the documentation - this explains what each shacks does.
Plus, try to understand the way the columns uses the grid system. This worked for me most times. But others were , well ,"interesting ’ too.
The docs will help you to learn what the main stacks are and do, before you hit it running. It will be less frustrating.
But it does have a learning curve, as does everything here.
Heres the link , look on the right side it says Platform Stacks with a list of 6 sections.


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Hi @Kroy, if you hit a snag, contact my via PM or the contact link on my web site.

Anyway, @steveb and @sa3305 are right - there is a learning curve involved and the documentation is a good starting point.
Additionally, there are downloads with examples available for most of the stacks, which you can find on the documentation page of the stack in question .
Next, you can download the example projects, which show how to use many of the stacks in a real-world context. These projects are kept simple on purpose.
Lastly, the videos. There are not that many yet but I will create more over time.


It is really good to start off with a project file first , as you see how the stacks work whilst you’re reading about them. I spent several hours with one this weekend and kept refering back to the Docs. It will help you a lot.

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Thank you very much, steveb.
I am just working my way through Juergen’s excellent intro video, building a one page site, but I will go through your suggested workflow soon, hopefully (I’ve downloaded the spacer stack ready to use). I’d been wondering what partials were so I’m looking forward to learning, following your instructions.
Yes, slider later - enough to be digesting for now for sure.

Thank you, sa3305 - Ok, the grid system - I will look into this asap.
The documentation page I have seen, but thanks for the pointer.
And yes, I’m looking forward to working through Juergen’s project files too.
I’m finding Platform to be quite intuitive, which is great.

Great, thank you Juergen.
So far I’m really enjoying learning Platform and it’s really good that you came in and posted on the other forum thread I started otherwise I wouldn’t have known about it. A good deal too I’d say!
A couple of Qs if that’s Ok…
Does the button do transparent?
Am I right in thinking you will be including an image slider stack at some point?

Doobox do a spacer stack as well - its responsive and it works by % so adjusts itself for different devices. I chuck it in everything all the time .

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steveb, you mentioned spacer stacks set to 1000px.
If I type in 1000px the spacer is enormous - do you mean maybe 10.00?

No, 1000px.thr point is to give the page some depth, so it scrolls. As you add real content, remove the spacers.

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Ok got it, thanks :-)