Just finished new client website with Ecwid integration

Today I launched a new client-website: https://oekosekt.de
It has an integrated e-commerce solution by Ecwid (see page ‘Unsere Sekte & Shop’). The fantastic EcwidPro stacks from Axyn (Axyn Technology | EcwidPro) have been a big help with styling and adjusting many details to my clients’ needs and wishes. Ricardo (the developer) has given a helping hand a lot of times in the last weeks and I can only thank him so much for his brilliant support! My client is very happy with the result, and so am I… :-)


The Ecwid pages are professional looking pages. Great to see a RW Shopping site look this good.



Beautiful site… I am also making one with the same new stacks from Axyn. I am not sure I can accomplish this level of design mastery :-)

Kind Regards



Thanks Dan and Kent! :-) @Kent I’m sure you will!

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Hi @Kent,

Let me know if you need any help!



Hej Ricardo

Yes thank you, I will contact you. Right now I am testing certain things before I will start designing the actual website. In Ecwid I have set up a few item for testing. After this I am going to set up all of the items, and then I will start the actual layout. I have set up the shop on a Rapidweaver page, it was really easy to integrate the shop in Rapidweaver with the new stacks. When I know how to present the items, I can proceed to the actual designing of the shop. I look forward to that :-)

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Came here to say what Gary did. Very nice site, indeed!

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Thanks Dave. Yep, that was a lot of work…

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