Keyboard shortcuts in Source Markdown Stack

Stuart - I can’t get cmd-B and cmd-I to work in the Source Markdown stack. Is that something that could be implemented in a later update?

Many thanks


I thought that was just a feature in Fletcher Penney’s MultiMarkdown Composer editor. AFAIK it doesn’t work in Stacks own Markdown stack, or Big White Duck’s Scribe Markdown stack either.

I may be mistaken though…

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We don’t have any control over that kind of thing. That would need to be a request for Isaiah.

The B and I buttons in the editor do work on any highlighted text. Or you may find it easier writing your content in an external markdown editor and then just copying and pasting that into the markdown stack.

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Is that the right tag to flag him?
Thank you both. I knew the buttons worked, but it means a lot of clicking. Good idea to use an external editor, but it rather begs the question of why an external editor should have the features that RW doesn’t.

I am loving using Source with Poster 2, and stealing layout from your Elements project.

Best wishes

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I write my markdown texts in an external editor. Tried several editors: most of them are clumsy or i was not satisfied. MacDown on the other hand is a fairly good choice. You find it here

Thanks @Sprmte. I’m using Typora at the moment - I like the visual interface, and the box it puts round yaml front matter for my Poster 2 blog. I have used MacDown previously.