Launch limelight from other stack?

Is there a way to launch limelight from a third party stack? I am trying to launch limelight from Action menu by 1LD. The stack input requires an URL.

I managed to launch pop-drop as seen here (click menu at top right then CONTACT — pop drop with email appears).

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I think I figured it out. I put where faq1 is the name of the stack inside of limelight (in the url settings javascript: void(0) and class Name = class and Value = faq1

Limelight just launches from a class name of the Limelight content stack that you want to open. You can add a class to any stack with Stacks4.

It does not need to be a link and so url parameters such as JavaScript:void(0) are not appropriate.

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Don’t forget details are always on the demo site under

Super simple launching

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