Launch Offcanvas from non-UIKit button?

Hi @Lucas I thought I could do this, but can’t get it to work.

I’m trying to launch an Offcanvas from @tav BP SVG stack, but failing miserably. Any ideas?

Settings are as follows…

The data value is the off canvas id after the target part.
I just followed the instructions here:

I did try to follow those instructions, but couldn’t work out what to put where!


I wasn’t suggesting you were slack - just that I hadn’t tested it and only gone by the docs

Yes you where.

Didn’t work anyway, but I’ve moved on to other options now anyway.

So that made me get it tested and it does work

I know. I just wanted to make you test it yourself.

What else you got to do?

(I couldn’t get it to work, but then, I’m a bit shit).

I’m not at a computer right now, but I guess like Tav said you’ll have to pass the data attribute into that button.

Got it working? You’re close: add the Offcanvas ID to the button link and the attribute uk-toggle to the data-name, leave blank the data-value.

I did yes, although in the end dropped the home made SVG icons and went back to using native UIkit icons for everything, so just used the the integration setting to open the offcanvas. But yes, it did work.