Launching Limelight from an HTML button?

Hi all, I’m wondering if it’s possible to launch a Limelight modal from an HTML button.

I’m using an HTML button because I’m using Total CMS and I can’t put a Limelight launcher stack into a Total CMS blog post.

This is the code I am using for the button:

<p><a class="button radius" href="" target="_blank">FIND OUT MORE</a></p>

But I don’t want to link to any website…I just want it to launch @tav 's Limelight launcher.

Anyone know how to do this?

just add the class of your content id

See this post from earlier today

<a class="button radius limelightID">FIND OUT MORE</a>

Thank you Tav!

I tried this:
<p><a class="button radius limelightScholasticLiteracyProTeacher" href="#" target="_blank">SLP EDUCATOR URL's</a></p>

…but it doesn’t seem t work:

(click on the second button)

And this is my Limelight stack

The content id and so the classname is ScholasticLiteracyProTeacher.

You have got that incorrectly prefixed with “limelight”.

You also don’t need the target or href attributes - just copy the code I pasted above.

so this should be your button markup

<a class="button radius ScholasticLiteracyProTeacher">SLP EDUCATOR URL's</a>

PERFECT! Thank you so much, Andrew!!