Launching Popdrop in Scribe

Hi Andrew, I need help with creating a text link from within Scribe to launch a Popdrop modal, but don’t know how to code it.

Tagging @tav. so he will get a message that there is a question concerning his stacks

You would need to add in an html link in your markdown with the data attribute added. Like this:

<a href="url" data-pop-drop="popDrop1">your link text</a>

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What @habitualshaker said but you don’t need the href

<a data-pop-drop="popDrop1">My Link</a>

It also does not need to be a link - that tag could be a <span>, a <div> or anything you like.

@Capetom - No need for “tagging” posts. I get an email notification for every post in the BWD category.


Thanks to both of you @tav,@habitualshaker