Layout question - stack entered vertically and horizontally

Im sure there must be an easy way to sort this . I have the Target stack and as you can seen the photo its worked but in mobile mode the entered stack ended up floating off some where it wasn’t meant to be. I get over this by disabling the stack in mobile or pad .

How is the easiest way to centre an image or text in a two column stack so that the small item centres next to the bigger stack side.
Not really sure how the stack uses the width settings. I have done it with padding and spaces but its all abit trial and error.

thanks , thats my last question for nows I promise!!

Slap a BWD Vertigrum around the image stack. (edit - just tried this and it didn’t work, can’t remember how to use Vertigrum). Alternatively put both the image stack and the header stack in a Section Pro and wrap the header in a Section Fix.

If I understand you correctly, this demo does what you want, it’s using BWD’s Blueprint, Sidebar and Scribe stack.

Blueprint is used to contain the content and set width and add margin, Sidebar is used for the columns and to float the left column content vertically centred and Scribe is used for the content, so change Scribe to whatever you’re using.

EDIT: The forum won’t let me upload a zip file. Is something broken?

Try this:

Thank you I’ll try it tomorrow.