Learn sections pro in Source

Is it possible to use the Learn Sections Pro in Source. I don’t Have Foundation but it looks like I may have to go down yet another road. Thanks

Hi - yes you can use Sections Pro in any framework. It doesn’t need Foundation.


I didn’t explain very well what I meant. I want to use the learn sections pro demo site in source but it appears to need foundation stacks.

You don’t need foundation you can swap out and use source.


Thanks Anon. I’m very new to this. I did see that when reading o BWD site. I did get those two stacks. But there are still a bunch missing. Problem is it doesn’t say the name of the stack that’s missing so I’m not sure what to replace it with. I really like source I don’t want to use foundation. Thanks it I’ll figure it out.

No worries… I’m not home, but I’ll take a look and see when I get home.

Hi, on the learn section pro page, looks like he used the Grummage plus stack and Grummage 2 column stack (those are foundation only stacks)

the foundation 5 stacks used are site styles, top menu, image, and divider.

As you are already using Source, I think it would be a better and easier way to learn how to do the bulk of the layouts that SectionsPro can achieve, would be to learn to use Source. I.e. %vh, %vw, fixed height containers, vertical and complex positioning, video backgrounds, etc… So the reality is that you may not need SectionsPro.

From about 5 or maybe 6 years ago, SectionsPro was the only way to build the complex type of layouts that are now possible to build in Source using the Source stacks. There are loads of up to date learning resource for Source and you won’t need to stuggle or go down any other route.

Then when you have learnt to use Source, you could add in SectionsPro to do some of the every specific things that SectionsPro can do that Source can’t.

Was there anything in particular you wanted to use SectionsPro for?

Thank you very much Anon. Checks out i actually have all of these because i did buy Foundation quit a while ago. Never would have known it without you identifying them. I have the partials to in the demo project but it says i can’t use them unless i reinstall them. So I’m doing that next. Thank you again Anon

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Thanks Weberdeersign. You are absolute right. Im going to take your advice on that. I’m jumping around to much. I built my website years ago with RW and didn’t feel it was that hard. Going in this time i think there are so many choices I’m trying to have it all at once. Wanting all the new cool stuff. Im staying with source, just seems more comfortable and it actually has all the cool stuff when I look closer. Thank you.