Learning a bit more about optimisation

Following on from another post, someone used Kingdom to look at page performance. I understand that there are others out there.

Naturally, I was curious about my own site - https://tools.pingdom.com/#5cdea95bae000000 and wondered if there’s any knowledgeable for dealing with the results in Rapidweaver specifically?

Results look fine to me. I wouldn’t worry too much about such tests, unless they pull up anything horrendous. Unless there is something particular you are checking for?

IMO most of the things these sites highlight will have little effect on your SERPs, if that is the end-game.

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Your images are the largest components as is usually the case. For a site like this if you really want to get the pages to load quicker, you could consider using just 1 image for the main BG image throughout the site, and warehouse it so it only gets loaded once.

Use jpegMini to optimise it if you have not already done so.

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Thanks for both the replies and reassurances. It was also so I understand the terms and how to address them in RW. So I can help people in the same way you guys can :-)

This is a thought provoking and interesting read for RW users relevant to creating less code on the page.


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These tools are useful to highlight big issues but don’t get too hung up on what they say / the numbers they produce. Your report flags that your files aren’t gzipped which is misleading as because your site goes through Cloudflare it is compressed a different way (which isn’t picked up by many of these tools). If it didn’t go through Cloudflare though then that would have been an action worth undertaking on your server.

I like Page Speed insights (by Google) as an alternative / more informative tool.

That’s also the case with my own site and it is the only red-flag in my report. All other components of the report are green-flagged. So, what exactly can I do about “un-gzipped” components?

And you don’t use Cloudflare?

There is a setting in some cPanels for this otherwise there are a few lines of code that you can add to your htaccess file. A quick google search should sort you out for either approach.

Ignore it completely. In my experience using Kingdom, it always flags up un-gzipped components even when they are compressed.

The Kingdom one is useful for finding out the sizes of CSS, JS, etc…

@habitualshaker - No, I don’t use Cloudflare.

@Webdeersign - Yes, I thought I should ignore this test. Normally, I use Page Speed Insights and it really is more informative (and it never even mentions gzipped components).

On page speed insights any issues would show up under Enable text compression