Lend me a hand! Help users find a better forum!

Recently several add-on developers including (but probably not limited to) @joeworkman, @Jannis, and myself have been posting to the Realmac forum. I think we’ve been professional, respectful and only there to answer questions in a way that tries hard to stay on the good side of moderators. At least one post from each of use has been removed.

Needless to say this is very frustrating and makes it seem as though some of us are ignoring questions and generally being absent.

Can I ask a favor – if you see people with questions that aren’t being answered can you help them find other forums like this one that are open and where we can post answers?

Anywhere else I’m missing?



It’s truly worrying that Realmac is deleting the posts on that forum.

The new RW forum was already a beast of a thing, not really useful at all, and hopeless at following threads compared to the prior one, which was the same as this rw4all one.

Based alone on Realm’s conduct throughout this tumultuous RW9/stacks announcement period, they’ve lost me. And I was there since V1. I’ve invested that much money that stacks5.app will be my go to.


Good grief, Dan/Realmac are really not taking this divorce well.

I barely go to that forum these days because it’s not very user friendly, between constantly getting logged out and not easily being able to track threads.
However, if I am and see someone needing Stacks/stacks help I’ll point them to where they can get actual help rather than silence or marketing fluff about RW9.

Probably get banned from there shortly for saying this in public lol.


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@dancounsell your own forum exposes you. The replies from Chris and others aren’t any more visible on this forum thread. Just one example.


@dancounsell – I was helping one person on your forum with their publishing problems and I recommended to them that to avoid that kind of problems they could try to use local export and then uploading files by FTP app rather than to rely on native publishing. Couple of other users either liked that idea or admitted using exactly that method to avoid headaches.

Yesterday, I found the entire block of comments (mine and other people’s) missing from that thread.

Therefore, I can safely say that your explanations above are complete lies. You were deleting inconvenient truth in the past and you still do that.



Please stop with these wild accusations.

I just sifted through 2 weeks worth of posts on your forum. Yesterday, there was just a bunch of comments missing. Today, the whole thread appears to be gone.

I just posted a request for you to remove my account from your forum. Long time coming…

And just like that – pufff! The post has disappeared before my eyes… Luckily, I made a screenshot before that happened. So, you can keep lying, but I have a proof of your actions.

It’s sad that you wont reply to any of my private messages. So I guess we will simply need to talk here out in public. This is the last message that I received from you last week. In my reply, I requested that you remove the “in review” status from my account. I was working hard to help users with this 12.3 problem. However, they were not aware of Isaiah’s or my posts because notifications about any of our posts no longer happen on your community.

CleanShot 2022-03-31 at 09.43.17

I have never posted anything unprofessional on your forum. Yesterday after users still not getting notified about my replies to help them for weeks, I got fed up. So on this thread, I helped a user with Video Wall.

I then posted the following comment on that same thread. I tried to keep this as civil a comment as possible. This comment has been deleted.

CleanShot 2022-03-29 at 12.24.49

What in that post is not true @dancounsell? You have censored my posts and users are not getting notified about my replies to help them. This is MY customer as well. I am trying to help them. You are hindering me from helping MY customers. Therefore, I need to ensure that I can properly help my customer. So I told him to ask for help in my community since I cannot properly support him on your forum.

I should add that I have the same exact policy about this forum we are on now. If people want my help, then they should not post here. While I have an account, I do not watch posts here. I have told people many times that if they want help with my products, they should post on my community for the quickest help.

Next example, was a thread on support for Foundation 6. This user posted and received help for the same question on your forum and mine.

In my reply (that is no longer there) I told the user that we would continue to help him on my community, since answering in 2 locations is not useful. I then pasted the exact 2 sentences from my other post above stating that my account has been flagged.

Those were the ONLY 2 posts that I sent that comment to. So who is telling lies now Dan? Should I keep going? Why not, here is a fun one…

In the following thread, a users was asking for help with paying for SSL certs. I told him that I recommend that he find a new hosting company if his existing hosting company was trying to milk money for SSL certs. I then linked to https://www.weavers.space/start where I have recommendations for hosting companies listed. No one can read this comment, because it’s been deleted.

Two weeks ago, only minutes after posting this about my live stream, it was hidden from the main user’s feed. What was malicious about this post?

I am sure that you probably deleted many more comments from me, that I am not even aware of. Please stop trying to play the victim card here. You are not the victim with your half-truths.

I hate typing posts like this. I tried my hardest to keep so much of this turmoil private. Sadly, your actions have made that not possible.


Yeah. I kept that part out on purpose. I thought that it made you look bad. I chose those words in that message carefully because, as you certainly remember, they were YOUR own words. You used the word “dick” to describe yourself just a few weeks ago.

I was not involved in this thread. You brought me into this. I think that my post above illustrates very clearly that I am 100% behind helping our customers. You are the one that is censoring my ability to do that.

@dancounsell i don’t mind you deleting posts. it’s your forum. your call.

but it is frustrating. when users ask me a question directly about the future of stacks, i have no way of telling them or even linking to somewhere else. and i think it will continue to be frustrating for users and devs alike unless something material changes.

@drewisum and @dancounsell - i’d like to be clear here.

i said posts had been deleted.
dan said my statements were untrue

were my posts deleted?
or was i mistaken?

i believe one of us owes the other an appology and remove his post.

i’m happy to remove my post if i was wrong and apologize here if that’s the case.

(not meant for anyone in particular)

I feel like we’re getting into a Will Smith/Chris Rock style discussion. Folks not discussing what the real issue is, changes in the way we all work, but everyone’s (emotional?) reactions to them. The topic here is about finding a ‘better forum’ and this is not what’s being discussed anymore. Or am I wrong?


full disclosure. i removed the one final comment on this thread because i thought we could end it here. it seemed like the matter was mostly resolved.

i edited my original statement as per Dan’s comment that it was just one post that was deleted. i thought it was more, but perhaps i was mistaken.

@dan apologized and i accept. thanks.

let’s just move on now.



As a closing remark, the original thread is now closed for comments, and all original over 200 comments aren’t visible any more.