Lime light and Vimeo

Ive set up a page with a button that opens up a Vimeo vid in a Lightbox .
The customer wants the video to open and launch when the home page is loaded , automatically.
Ive set up the auto opener ok but it doesn’t start playing , u still have to click it.
I got the auto play code from Vimeo - 351771275?autoplay=1
Can I do this or is there a problem because Im using it inside a launcher and Lightbox

Ive added the url as a jpeg as I dont want it showing in google searches.


This is because browsers block video from auto playing without an interaction from the user. Autoplaying on page load is obviously therefore stopped.

You can do it if the video is muted and if a few other criteria are obeyed - this is how Sections can autoplay muted background video.

I’m presuming that if you are light boxing the video on the homepage then you want sound on the video in which case there is nothing you can do - a visitor has to click the Vimeo play button OR a limelight launch button (once they have interacted with the launcher the video will autoplay as the lightbox opens).

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Thank you Tav that’s very informative.