Limelight as a hold page/splash screen: Show once IF close button clicked

I’m possibly going to get shouted at for using the wrong tool, but in my head Limelight seemed the perfect candidate.

I’m building out a site that I want to hide for the time being behind a holding page. Normally, I’d just make the homepage the holding page and build the site on other pages, but for reasons to dull to go into, I need to build the main site “in-situ”, as I don’t want to have to go back and change the URL for what will become the home page, etc.

So I figured use LL set to open on load, and hide the close button by making it the same colour as the background. Basic, but it’ll do.

The problem now is that every time I visit the page I see it, which is a pain. I know I can set the LL to only show once, but ideally what I want to to have it only show once if it’s closed using the close button. I think this will work as only I know where it is. So for me, once I’ve closed the page using it, I won’t see the LL again, but for others, who don’t close it, they will continue to see the LL.

Make sense?

So, can LL be set to only set the “don’t show” cookie upon clicking the close button?

And if there are better tools for this, feel free to shout at me.

Cookies are very easy now, just a couple of lines of code when the close button is clicked.

I really don’t see why you don’t just use an htaccess redirect to the holding page for the duration of the site development and build the real homepage as it will be. You can then simply allow certain IP addresses to avoid this redirection (eg. you and the client). This takes 2 minutes, is the standard way of doing it and doesn’t mess with your project file.

You are clearly suffering from rapidweaveritis which can cause people to do very complicated things with very inappropriate tools due to an insatiable compulsion to drag and drop. Help is available at


Dynamic IP.

Which of course is a rubbish excuse, but it’s a poor attempt for me to admit I’d never really thought of your suggestion.