Limelight content not scrolling on iPad?

Sorry if this has been dissussed before, but I can’t find it anywhere.
I have a limelight box, that scrolls on the desktop via the mouse, will scroll on the iPhone, but won’t move on the iPad?? On trying to scroll the limelight pop up on the iPad , it scrolls the background instead??
Any help would be grateful

Cheers Jon

In the Limelight Stacks Child stack there is a Limelight Content - Advanced setting to “Prevent page scroll when open”. Try checking that check box.

Sorry Gary, but I have no idea where that is?

If the content is failing to scroll it is invariably because the browser is reporting the wrong height and so the lightbox content does not know that it is not all on screen.

The usual causes of this are a strange setup on the page or a problem which is resolved by dropping in a fresh stack.

In your case, it is odd that it only happens on iPad. There are therefore some questions and steps to take to try and track down the issue.

  1. Does this happen just on one particular iPad variant only (Air, Pro etc)? and does it happen with or without split screens in operation?

  2. Does this happen on non iPad devices but with the same screen size - firstly a desktop Safari browser sized to the same dimensions as the iPad?

  3. What happens on the iPad in question if you make a new test page with just a new Limelight on it - does that work and scroll as expected? Make sure that you test with a fresh stack dropped in and not a paste of your existing one.

  4. If 3. (which I suspect that it will) works then what happens if you take the working test stack and put it on your original page? If it stops working then there is something else on the page causing the problem.

We can then try and narrow things down to the cause. Don’t get hung up on not being able to test qu.1. try qu.3 and let me know what happens.

You need to look in the Child stack and not the parent Limelight stacks settings. I.e. the one that contains the Oil & Gas Header, etc…

Edit - reply overlap. I see Tav has replied so you are in good hands now.

@Jonline also, have you got a URL that I can look at?

Thanks for the reply tav. No Live URL as yet, as the client hasn’t approved the job.
Speaking with Gary, it could be old IOS thats causing the problem
Viewing on iPad (MC773B/A) and ipad mini (MF432ZP/A)

Cheers Jon

Yes - that is why I suggested point 3 - just make a very quick and dirty test page and see if the problem persists.

It did yes - sorry forgot to mention it.