Limelight & cookies?

Is there any (easy) way to set a Limelight that opens on page load to only display once (or, once within a certain predetermined timeframe)? I am playing with an idea, seen here, that works well the first time it’s seen (if we move this to the live site, I’ll add a button that links to our pricing page), but would get old if it displays every time a person navigates to any of our location pages.

Call to action will load limelight and has tons of controls, including once per session

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Perfect! Many thanks @Scott_Williams. I own that stack and have used it many times in the past. I’ll drop the Limelight into it tomorrow. 😊

I must have something misconfigured as it’s not working as expected.

I added a Call To Action at the top of the page configured as:
Call to Action: Limelight
ID: buspromo
Occurrence: Once per page load (for now)
Tracker: None (for now)

Limelight is configured as:
Limelight ID: limelightbus
Stack Content:
ID: buspromo
Everything under Launching is unchecked

As seen on this page, the Limelight does not fire on page load:

The same Limelight, without Call to Action but with LL set to Open on page load works fine (but, without cookies, of course):

The only difference I see is that you have that script error on the page again from the Navigation stack - the page that works does not have this error. It may or may not be the cause but it is worth getting rid of the error to try. Has that stack not been updated yet?

Dang- actually, I think Navigation was updated, but even the revised version does not work with Joe’s Speed component of the SEO stack. I thought I’d removed it from all of the pages, but I’d missed the Anderson one.

I just removed it, JS errors are no longer being thrown, but Call to Action is still not launching the Limelight. It’s not a huge issue, I can just use Reveal or something else (but, Limelight is just so darn beautiful).

I know several people use CTA with Limelight it should work fine.

Are you absolutely sure that you can launch LL on that page manually - add a Limelight launcher or bar just to check - I can’t seem to launch it from the console and if that doesn’t work then neither will CTA. I suspect there is something odd on that page with the LL setup.

I have other LL’s on the page (Show me a map! on the landing page, as well as Center Gallery >> click any picture).

I just created a duplicate of the page and then took everything off except the styles, the CTA, LL and and image. Screenshots of my settings are below. You can see the page at

Firstly, do you not want CTA set to once per session so that the user only sees the Lightbox once?

I have made a quick test project and it is all working as expected. If, after reviewing it, you cannot see what is different with your simple test page feel free to fire it over to me and I’ll take a look.

I can’t figure it out - but yours is working fine. I’m going back now and renaming an existing LL from lightbox1 to lightbox101 and then simply using your example instead (without renaming anything).

Many thanks for all of your help, Tav!

I just changed the id in mine to buspromo and it works fine. Something is strange in your page for sure.

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Wait - I can set limelight to launch on page load?? That’s what I need. I don’t care about cookies. Can someone tell me how to do that? I don’t see any options for launching in the settings. @tav, please save me buying a cta stack! Thanks, Gregory

Just check the “Open on page load?” setting for the content that you want to open on page load.