Limelight - dynamic video id

Hi @tav,

is it somehow possible to dynamically assign the video id to a limelight just before opening the lightbox?

I am using TCMS and one of the fields contains the video id which I would like to pass to limelight when I click on the blogpost entry. The thing is that I do not want wo open the video on a separate blog-post page, but rather show it in limelight.

I see in the code that the id is already hard coded in the javascript, so I assume that the binding already happens on page load. Is there a method I can call or an event that I can intercept to change the id when the page is already loaded?

You are not the first person to ask and yes, it is very possible and indeed I am planning to add it in an update. It will probably require a separate video child stack to avoid overcomplicating the existing video stack settings.

I do not expose a method that allows the video source url to be altered after page load I’m afraid.

Now for the bad news, this is not going to be possible in the short term. We sold our house 2 weeks ago and it looks like being another 12 weeks before we can get into the one that we are buying. In the meantime, we are in an AirBNB with almost no internet and without my main computer. I do have my laptop and I will try and get it done in the coming weeks but we are having a couple of weeks holiday first.

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Ok, great and thanks for the quick reply.

…and good luck with moving to the new house!