Limelight height problem

Could someone please put me out of my misery? I have been looking at this for an hour or more, and I can’t work out which setting will solve my problem.

I would like to show a range of a google sheet in RW to open on page load. I put in a Limelight stack, and everything looks great, but only on a desktop. On a mobile, the bottom of the sheet is cut off, and there is a slider to access the content. I can’t work out how to display the whole content responsively on a mobile.

I have made a couple of test pages to demonstrate. The actual website will have styling, and I have constrained the content by width to try and centre it. There is probably a neater way to centre it as well?

With plain Limelight, more or less out of the box:

With Sections Pro:

With many thanks in advance.

The google sheet container is calculating the height of the browser incorrectly. I suspect this may be due to it being in an iFrame.
The sheet max-height is always being set a few hundred pixels taller than the actual browser height and so it will never scroll.
Is there any option to tell the sheet to be full height all the time and not do any smart embed sizing? If that was possible then it would work like a normal iFramed web page and Limelight would allow it to scroll when necessary.

@tav, many thanks for the quick reply. I don’t think one can specify dimensions for a range of a google sheet. Even if it were possible, it isn’t possible for me! I’ll explore other ways of importing the information in the meantime. Warm regards.