Limelight iFrame Web page blocked

I don’t have a URL yet but here’s the explanation.

I’m launching a webpage into a modal via Limelight’s iFrame child stack. Nearly all the pages I’m linking to work no problem. One website, of which I’m linking to 4 separate pages from separate links, just won’t load. I think they’re blocking it somehow.

Is anyone else seeing this and is there a workaround other than opening in a new browser window that does work but takes them off of my site? Here’s one of the links to the site.


Sites can block your ability to load their pages in an iframe.
Look at your browser console for the error.


Safari blocks all cookies in iframe, rendering many sites not usable in such situation.


Thanks. That puts paid to the idea then

When you check the browser error console you will see an error message referring to an XFrame being blocked - it may say it is denied or it may say that it is set to same origin. This means that the author of that page has specifically prevented it being used in an iFrame on another site. (Google and many other services do this)


Yeah, when you think about it, it makes sense. Developers and even Google et al want you to interact with the original site, there’s nothing in it for them for you to stick it in a pop up