Limelight is SUPERB, but I hit a wart :(


I have a LLLauncher opening LL with a Text stack, a WebFrame & a Local Image. Nope, won’t navigate! all linked in navigation. 2 will open, but not 3. I’ve tried all combos, positions, options, etc.

All settings are identical to launcher where 2 navigate ok. RW8.x F6 Stacks 4.x all up to date.

Closed RW, Rebooted, etc. I can’t publish for you to see cause this page is important to site & info needs to be out in the world correct. What is going wrong? or what am I doing wrong? Thanks!


I’m not entirely sure what you mean (2 will open but not 3?) - does this mean that you can navigate from the first to the second slide but not the third, or does it mean that you cannot navigate at all when you add the third slide?

The main thing to make sure is that each child has a Unique Id setting that is unique. and contains no spaces or extended characters.

Assuming that you have 3 unique Id’s then what about the third child? Does it work if you take it out and put a new one in with the default settings? (Obviously just change the unique id).

If you cannot publish to a hidden test page and the above does not work then just copy your limelight setup to a new project and send me that on its own. I’m sure I can sort it out for you very quickly in that way.

Andrew - I have unique id’s - lightbox6, lightbox6a, lightbox6b. Everyone is default options, except include in navigation.

The test page for you is: andrew | Art In Dryden paint colors

Thanks for that, I think I can see what is going on now.

Firstly, it is actually a lot more simple to set up than the way you have it at the moment.

The Limelight stacks do not need to be inside the launcher (and in fact they are better not inside the launcher - most people find it convenient to put them all together at the bottom of the page or where ever suits. The location of the actual limelight stack in edit mode does not affect where it will display or where it is launched from.

You have a launcher set to lightbox6 but don’t appear to have a lightbox child with a unique ID of lightbox6.
There is a lightbox6a and a lightbox6b but not lightbox6. The only thing with a similar name is the main limelight stack ID if limelight6

I suspect that in addition, you could simplify this page a lot. You have a large number of limelight stacks that would seem to be not needed (unless I’m missing something.) A lot of the child stacks could just have a single limelight parent I would have thought.

If you only want navigation between the three above (or groups of three) then just have a limelight for each navigation group . Any that don’t need navigation can all just reside in one limelight stack. Again, if this is way from the launchers on the main page body it will make it a lot easier to manage in edit mode as well.

If you are still having problems after relocating the limelights like this then it will be much easier to drop them into a separate project for me to have a look at - the offer is still there if needed.

Andrew, I have the test project - were do I send it?

Could you send it to support [at] bigwhiteduck [dot] com