Limelight / map question

Wondering if there is some code I can use to make an initial map view within a Limelight cover a larger area. As an example, on this page, if you click the “Show me a map!” link, ideally, the visitor would see I-77 and Northwoods Golf Club (click the minus sign twice to zoom out).

You used to be able to add &zoom=nn. Where nn is the numeric zoom level. In the map embed code. I have no idea if that’s still the case. I switched to open street maps years ago.
Worth a try…

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I think you need an API key now if you need to set up maps in a state other than default Google.

Limelight works without a key for simplicity but there is nothing stopping you using the API version or Open Maps in a Limelight lightbox.

Thanks, Andrew! I actually have a key for this client, so I can change it if they decide they want to. I was just hoping there might have been a snippet I could add somehow that would do the trick.