Limelight Menu Stack Important Notice

Important Notice for Limelight Menu Users

Limelight v.1.0.8 (released today) now includes the new Limelight Menu stack.

If you previously had the beta version (called LLMenu in your library) then please delete it and use the new version Limelight Menu from now on.

The two stacks can co-exist in your library for the period where you may need to swap projects to use the release version but please do not continue to use the old version, it will not auto update.



Just saw the Erect animation option. Nice touch and I would expect nothing else.


In Limelight Menu there are 2 options for the Burger type. How is the second one, for an SVG burger setup, as I can’t see any way to load an SVG.


It is an animated SVG burger that is hard coded into the stack.


Ah OK. It was a sneaky white one on a white BG so I couldn’t see it. Loading your own SVG is not a feature of this stack which I thank you in advance.

No, the whole point of it was to provide an animated launcher that synchronises open and close states with Limelight.