LimeLight Navigate Between Content Arrows

How do you change their colour?




Now I remember! Thanks.

Thanks for spelling colour properly.

… and is it possible to change the size of the navigationelements?

No, Im afraid the sizes of the navigation arrows are not adjustable, the close icon however can be changed in the main Limelight settings.

Hm … it depends on the structure of the LL slide content.
If you have pictures and the arrows happen to be on top of those, for the user it is hard to “find” them.
In those kind of cases, it would be great to have that possibilty.

But you can:

  1. Alter the background colour behind the arrows and the arrow colour itself.
  2. Limit the width of the image content so that the arrows are always on the overlay background colour and not on top of the image.

I personally think both of the above are nicer solutions than just making them very large.

Yeah, I know what you’re saying - but … the client loves “fullscreenimages” ;o)

So what is the problem with putting a background colour behind the circle in order to make it show clearly over the image - surely that will be more distinct than just making the arrows bigger?

Good idea.
I’ll try that and check out the clients reaction ;o)
Have a great day Andrew.