Limelight not displaying iFrame

Hi Folks,

I’m unable to work out what’s wrong here:

The first two “Read more” ‘Algäu’ and ‘Harz’ are supposed to each open a Limelight light boxed iFrame.

Works perfectly in Preview mode (RW 7.x), but not when published.

(Following Einstein’s definition of insanity to the word, I’ve deleted the directory contents and republished a couple of times, )

Can anyone see what’s [not] happening??

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Simple SSL problem. Always check the console first, the warning messages for non-code issues tend to be quite descriptive



Cloudflare/Simple in the same sentence is like Windows/Internet in the same sentence — Simply incompatible!

I’ve tried all possibilities that come to mind and come to the conclusion that it must have something to do with my state of dyscalculia.
I have no intentions of effing around any further with the demo, so my client will just have to believe that it effing-well works!

How is a text url related to numeric algebra? Now you have me confused.
Surely you just have just typed http:.... into the Limelight iFrame link settings rather than https:.....

I was not trying to be glib - I just thought that it was general knowledge that inserting non secure content into a secure page was a no go and would be stopped by a browser. Sorry.

No problem! Really not!
Before posting, I tried every possibility that comes to mind : https; http; www; sandbox/ etc:
Nothing seems to work…

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Perhaps it is indeed just a republish all files and / or turn off cloud flare caching then. The code on the page still has the non SSL link in the limelight iFrame definition.

Personally I’m not a Cloudflare fan but I know that it can elicit an evangelical following (not in you I am sure)

EVANGELICAL — You kidding???!!!
I only turned to Cloudfare because my longtime provider — once the cheapest in Europe — now wants €€€ per site for SSL!!

I did say not you!

Ha, ha, ha, yes, of course I read that!
Thanks Tav, as you know, I’m on a very restricted budget.
And with Ms. May doing her damnedest to restrict it even further, I’m really not in a position to change providers at the moment.

I just use OpenSSL / LetsEncrypt on all my sites. Totally free and it gives proper end to end encryption.

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Thanks for the tip, I’ll take a look…

I’m a fan of Cloudflare and have used it for many years. Two things I’ve learnt the hard way, do not enable Rocket Loader and, no matter how tempting, don’t minify HTML. Both screw the site completely. The latter seems to have a very negative effect and turning it off and purging all files doesn’t seem to immediately rectify the problems.