Limelight not showing iframe content

Hi @Tav

I have 2 limelights on this page

One an iframe and one a stack with a form in.

Im preview they both work, but on the website the iframe does not.

I have tried taking the LL content stack - the iframe, out of any other stacks except a section pro and moved it to the bottom of the page, but still I cant get it to show the content (the framed site) when it is on the my site.

Any ideas please?

The browser is blocking the request because it is not https

Does that mean that I cant iframe any site that isn’t https?

Not from a secure site, no.


Is there a work around?

Thanks very much for the quick reply!

Either make your site non-secure (obviously not recommended) or get the unitary lottery people to make their site SSL (which they really should have done already)

yes I was wondering why, especially as a lottery provider, they didnt have a secure site.

Ok, I’ll just make it a link and stop trying to be clever!! lol

Thanks again Tav!


Would this not be an ideal opportunity to offer your services to the lottery people ? it may be that nobody has raised this issue with them and that they are in need of your expertise - just a thought

That crossed my mind to Paul. So I looked up who had done their site and its a large firm in the US. So much for keeping it local!!


That could be your USP - you are local - you are not a conglomerate and therefore provide bespoke service to your clients.

Who would want to go anywhere else ?


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