Limelight, Only Once?

I don’t understand that it is meant for once per session, ie if you reload the page or return to the page is it always the same session and the limelight does not start?
If you close the browser and return to the page?
I did some tests but the limelight never restarted, I had to manually delete the ll_done_stacks_in_10111 in the local storage to make the limelight display again.
Please clarify the concept of this option (Only Once) for me, thank you.

Schermata 2022-09-03 alle 13.00.03

Sorry about that - it was a bug.
Limelight 1.1.6 is live on the updater and will fix the problem. Only once will work on a per session basis properly - i.e. closing the browser and re-opening it will cause the content to be shown again.


Thanks, that’s perfect.
You are the best.