Limelight - Open on Page Load

I am using limelight to open a lightbox video on page load, because users need to see this video before they interact with anything on the page. I am having a problem, because the lightbox doesn’t show until the embedded video is loaded, so users are clicking on media on the page before seeing the video.

Can anyone think of any tricks to either get the lightbox to show sooner or prevent users from any page interactions first? When I put an image in, there’s still a slight delay, so they can see the page content before the lightbox appears, but don’t have time to click on anything. The embedded video adds just enough lag to allow that unwanted interaction.

I feel like I need the opposite of lazy preload (which is off). Is there a “driven load” or “type A load” option?

The delay appears to be the time taken for the proto play server to respond and serve up the video in the iFrame, this is effectively render blocking the page.

Because it is in an iFrame owned by another site, it is impossible to do much about it.

If, for example, you were to host the video yourself and use a Limelight HLS stream child , it would appear almost immediately regardless of the size of the video. Even using the Vimeo child to stream seems a lot faster than the iFrame to the other site that you are using.

The only other thing I could suggest is to use a page loader on the page so that nothing is seen until the page is completely loaded and rendered.