Limelight opening twice / flashing in Safari 15.4

@tav Just noticed that my various Limelight light-boxes are doing a double take when they open in Safari 15.4, and I’m pretty sure this has just started since I updated to macOS 12.3.1 Also on iOS 15.4. Am just updating to 15.5 now.

Anyone else see this? Mystery otherwise as they worked fine before.

Not problem in Chrome, Firefox, Edge latest versions.

Example here on a development site: Petham Village Hall click the purple crown image or the ‘book’ button.

iOS 15.5 appears to have fixed the issue on iPhone.

IPhone 15.41, limelight makes a reflash.
Edit: browser Safari

I don’t see the issue here, but worth a menton that the close icon is more or less hidden as it’s white on white once the screen is small enough for the close icon to move over the content. Maybe add a background to it?

iPhone, I upgraded to 15.5, safari browser, Limelight reflash is gone. Now it’s perfect

👍 15.5

Good news.

Yes noticed that - not finished yet!

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for mobile yes but not for MacOS :(

macOS Monterey 12.3.1, safari browser, limelight makes a reflash.

I upgraded to macOS Monterey 12.4, safari browser, Limelight reflash is gone. Now it’s perfect

edit: Ho notato che ha risolto anche il reflash di un video usando “Layer Background / Video” of “Sections Pro”.
Quindi aggiornando Monterey e iOS si risolve tutto.

I noticed that it also solved the reflash of a video using “Layer Background / Video” of “Sections Pro”.
So updating Monterey and iOS fixes everything.

Excellent. 12.4 wasn’t available when I checked early this morning but it is now so I’ll do this later.

My current experience. I am getting a strange flash/background when limelight opens on my website on my Mac. MaOS 12.4 - Safari 15.5. You can see the issue here: Click on one of the images in the grid.

I checked, by clicking the images of the grid, the videos are perfect, limelight does not flicker.
👍 everything ok on your site (ios 15.5 safari)

Thanks for checking, Gianluca. However, I am still seeing some strange flicker when I click an image to launch the limelight - both on iOS 15.5 and MacOS 12.4 with Safari.

Not been able to download Monterey 12.4 yet - keeps disappearing so I guess Apple servers are busy? However, things look totally fine to me on iOS15.5

Thanks for looking, Manofdogs. Here’s a link to a screen capture of what I am seeing on my site when I click an image to activate a limelight video - a brief flash of white (possibly a background?) and a flash on my header background/logo before the video opens up. Odd anomaly that has appeared recently. Dropbox - CleanShot 2022-05-24 at 11.33.10.mp4 - Simplify your life

try to take a test on mine:
go to
then click on the buttons, with limelight I open a Vimeo video at various points.
check if you have flicker.
Because both on my mac and ipad and iphone are fine, there is no flickering

from my iphone, opening limelight from your site I absolutely do not see the flash that you see in the video you posted.

have you tried to clear the cache of your devices?

Gianluca; yes, all looks good to me. No issues on your site when opening your limelights.

have you tried to clear the cache of your devices?