Limelight Problem SOLVED

I posted a"problem" I was having specifically with Limelight and I asked @tav for his help. This has now been resolved as always by the BWD Magic. However there are a few learning points I have learned that may help you in the future.

I class myself as a hobbyist and rely on services, stacks, and help in general when I get stuck, I am NOT a developer or coder and as a pensioner I am happy not to be!
Please bear this in mind and do not judge me on my competence but my learning.

Learning points:
Image size is of great importance throughout the website process but no more than in a limelight box. My images were too big and the limelight light box would not scroll on mobiles - as my buy button was at bottom then this was not good. @tav introduced me to Tinypng and I used this and also am now using on my other projects as we speak to reduce the size of images greatly without loss of definition.

Fonts - just because your graphic designer likes the look of a font style and you agree to use then do check that it is as it says on tin! I used Foco - assuming it was a Google Font only to find that it is in fact an Adobe Font - now changed to PT Sans. Another learning point is use the correct font spelling - i.e. exactly as is not capitalised. Also remember to introduce the font once per page ONLY!

Warehouse Images - I have a folder on server with all my warehoused images in - however the link it gives is an http and not an https link (my site is https) so consequently when using a service like Pingdom Tools you get lots of errors as it tells you you have mixed content.

Whilst these may be great advances for me and also have helped my site open quicker to some of you they are bread and butter. That is why I now want to add another plaudit to the genius of the man @tav and THANK HIM publicly for the help he has been as usual!

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Warehouse images - use FTP software. I like Transmit but there’s a bunch of others you can use. In Transmit you can right click the image in the folder and copy URL, it still has the public.html bit you have to delete but it will copy the https address of the image correctly.

Tinypng - great tool. Make sure your images are the correct size. Everyone has their own ideas about best practice for this. I find that whole page desktop covers are best at 1920x1080. I then crop mobile for 1000 width x something else, usually a portrait cut down.

@aidy THANKS for your tips - great to know. I have a package for one main domain and then can have 5000 others attached to it “free” - obviously I have to pay for main package. I have all my main websites with SSL Cert or getting there. However I do not use the main domain as a website now as I have moved on with my branding. I have been told if I apply an SSL to the main site then all my images will be https extension.
However, I do not believe this as my folder is inside the file which has SSL cert now and is still showing http address.

I use Cyberduck or direct into control panel on host for uploading. I will have a check on what you have said as I like to learn! Thanks and have a great weekend!


I have travelled that same road too - but with the guidance and experience of the various masters we all grow.


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