Limelight / Sections Pro

The following page seems to work perfectly in all browsers except IE11 and Edge. It’s probably user-error, but I can’t figure out the reason. If one clicks on the button “IMPORTANT - COVID-19 UPDATE” or the “Click to read our reviews”, the two mentioned browsers also opens a blank page. This doesn’t happen in Chrome, Safari or IE on a Mac. Any ideas on what I can do to prevent this (I’ve checked the buttons - they do not have open in new window checked).


It sounds like there may be some incompatible JavaScript in there somewhere.

Limelight and Sections are two of the very few remaining stacks that should be IE11 compatible but I may have let something from the last 6 years creep in.

I’m still still stuck in my AirBNB at the moment and have no way to check but If you could send me a screen shot of the error console in IE showing the problem I should be able to fix it.

Thanks, Tav,

The issue was (probably) user error (a lack of reading all of the instructions/tips/etc.).

The issue is/was caused by the addition of a Hover Effect (Text underline from center) to the ButtonPlus2. When I removed the Hover Effect, the issue went away. Oh, and the issue is present in other browsers, but it adds a new tabbed page, so it wasn’t obvious. In IE/Edge on Windows, it does the same- but the browser then opens that blank page.