Limelight webpage child

I’ve got a page with a lot going on so don’t want to burden it much more. If I create another page hidden from the menu and style it and put images on it and use LL to open the webpage via a button into a modal, does this add extra weight/load time on the initial page load or does the LL webpage modal load independently when clicked?

If you are using the iFrame / Webpage child and you do not select the Preload option then the page will only load when the Limelight opens and there will be zero implication on the primary page

If you do however select the preload option then it will not render block your page as it will not load until the main page has fully loaded and rendered its content -i.e. it will not add old time to the page

Pro’s of preloading are that the new content is instantly ready when the lightbox is shown, cons are that mobile users will still download the second page even if they never view it and while it won’t slow down render it will still cost them data.

That’s good info. I was going to block for mobile users anyway. That helps a lot mate. Cheers.

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