Link opening new tab when 'New Page' not selected

I’m updating a site and have noticed that some links are opening new tabs when the New page option hasn’t been selected. Checking the original site I see that it is happening there as well, although I’m sure that this wasn’t always the case.

It seems that this occurs where I’ve structured the pages as sub folders to a main category: e.g’


In this example a link on the page ‘Introduction’ that points to the ‘Pilates explained’ page opens in a new tab, although the link setting doesn’t require this.

When I inspect the code it seems that the target="_self" is missing the underscore.

I’m using the standard styled text box in basic a 2-column layout stack.

I think this might be a Stacks problem but would welcome any ideas.

RW 8.7
Stacks 4.1.2



Resetting the links hadn’t worked but deleting the associated text and creating new links solved the problem. I’ve still no idea how they became corrupted.