List of documents with upload/download capability

Using Rapidweaver and Uikit 3 I am making a website for a voluntary/public organisation in which one of the pages must display a list of documents (principally PDFs) which can be downloaded by anyone viewing the page. The page will require some sort of CMS so that appointed members of the organisation can regularly upload and remove files from the list without using Rapidweaver.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Hello Jannis, I have looked at the demo of your Repository stack and, unless I am overlooking something, cannot ascertain whether it is possible to display the page of downloadable files without having to login, yet at the same time, and for the same page, have a login facility to enable certain people to upload new documents and delete old ones?

Not with the basic login provided by Repo stack.

But with an more advanced login system like UserAccess, Sitelok + Integration Stacks, you could add 2 instances or Repo stack, one for not authenticated users read only, and one for logged in users with upload capabilities enabled.

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Thank you for your responses Jannis.

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PDF’s uploaded with Repository and folder contents displayed on page with S4S’s Paperless Results | The CALLING Project


Thank you Paul for this solution.

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