Little Snitch?


I actually found it a couple of days ago. I installed the demo, looked good but I think I’ll go with Little Snitch for the extra settings/features.


Used LS in demo mode for ages, then tried RS. It was OK, did it’s job well, but didn’t do a lot of wat LS does, so in the end I bought LS.


Hi friends - I used it for many years. A great application. I still have my license but haven’t had a chance to install it on this Mac yet though.



Big Little Snitch fan here myself - years on. Looks more complicated than it is, and it keeps getting better and better. It’s shocking how many apps call out, beyond checking for updates, writing to the cloud, etc.

For those of you affiliated with a school, they offer an educational discount. Not really mentioned on their site, but you can find it at 30% off (along with a million other things) here: