Loading CSV Data, never displays in preview

Hi, I just bought the CSV to table stack. It works great, but there is one problem. When I click on “Preview” in RW, it just says “Loading CSV Data” and it never displays the table. If I export and upload the page, it works fine. But this makes it hard to edit…

Using RW 7.5.6, OS X 10.13.6, CSV to Table 1.1.0



Update. Now it seems to be doing the same thing with the site after uploading to my web server.

Here is the site: http://seagypsies.nyc/sg2019/

Second update. I cleared the web server cache, and now it displays online. But still not displaying in preview. Still getting “Loading CSV Data”, even after restart of laptop.

It looks like there’s an access issue. One of the links has “www” in it, but the other 2 don’t. Try to get them all consistent. Not 100% sure if that will solve it though.

You should also be loading everything through your SSL certificate (https:). You have an SSL installed.


Thanks! It just never displays in preview even before it gets to the server which makes it hard to edit. I found another table stack that works, though…

I appreciate the reply.

It won’t work in Preview unless you either:

  • add an htaccess file to the containing folder with a line of code to allow the sharing of this file type across domains.

  • preview in the likes of Safari browser where you can select an option to disable cross origin restrictions.