Loading Speed after latest RW Update

My page is taking too much time to load. Here’s the results I get: https://gtmetrix.com/reports/albertkinng.com/cOQiD2Mu/

The only thing I did was update the Rapidweaver app and fix some text on the footer. After publishing the site I ended up with a super slow loading page online! Any advice will be appreciated. I’m going crazy here.

Here’s my site: albertkinng.com if you want to check it out yourself.

Use PageSpeed Lighthouse instead. The report is easier to understand than GTmetrix.


Thanks. Any ideas on how to fix this problem?

I don’t need to be an expert to know this is not numbers to be concerned about. What can possibly is making the site loading that slow?

Looks like you are using Foundation from 2015, so my advice would be to completely rebuild using Source, size your images to be no bigger than required, add width and height, optimise your images and serve as webP with a fallback. That should transform the performance of your site.

How long is it taking the site to load on your side? here’s my phone: RPReplay_Final1675518039

Yes, this site is made with Foundation. I have other sites made with foundation too, and they load perfectly fine. The only one I updated part of the footer and published under the new Rapidweaver upgrade to Classic 9 is this site and it’s the only one with the loading issue. Now I’m afraid to update other clients pages. This is so weird.

Foundation 1 pages comparison:

  1. https://michellefelizcollection.com (without any changes under RWC 9 update)
  2. https://albertkinng.com (after published it with RWC 9 update)

That first number, almost 1 Mb, IS something to be concerned about. Especially if you are loading on a phone. The site loads fine on my computer in terms of speed … but on a phone (especially if you are not using wifi) would be a slow load.

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Ok. Thanks a lot! I would see what picture is the one with 1 mb. I only have one portrait picture there, but I don’t think is 1mb. So maybe is something that is not showing up. Thanks for taking the time to let me know. Blessings!

I realize you may not want to do this for various reasons … but I always “warehouse” my images by putting them directly in a specific folder at my hosting location via FTP (Transmit in my case). This has various benefits for me, but one relevant to you is all my images end up with very intuitive names that I’ve given them (not that weird naming procedure that seems to happen with either RW or Stacks). So when problems like this crop up it’s super easy to tell what the problem image was.

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Yes. All my new websites are done with that in mind. This one in particular has been done long time ago. I wonder why that image is holding the mobile page to load if its not part of the mobile design? Is there a way to avoid that? I thought when you specify a stack to be invisible or hidden it won’t load or show up when page is loading. That’s why I did a very minimal design for mobile. Any ideas?

Sorry … no good ideas from me. I’m sure someone else can explain who knows more about these things than me. And I have no experience in this situation: I use all the same images for mobile and computer … and they are all small-ish in size. So I’ve never tried to show an image in one condition but not the others. But I’m sure someone like @TemplateRepo or @Webdeersign understand the situation.

Because that that huge image is still loading even though you have set it to be hidden. It is very much part of the mobile design which is to wait until it is loadedand then hide it from view.

It’s 2023 and the day’s of using the visibility stack to hide but still download, are long over.

I expect that RW Classic with the new version of stacks has re randomized the names of your local files and they had to be downloaded again instead of being avaibale in your cache. That’s my best guess why things appeared slow to you afer the update.

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Bingo! You are a genius!

Bingo for you on the second load. Bongo for everybody else, i.e. all new visitors to the site.

Squashed pics over 900k and republished all pages. The problem has been solved! Thank you guys!